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Creative Christmas Carols is designed to help you explore new ways to play your favorite carols. Each carol can be decorated using special fills and ornaments just as you might decorate your home with special wreaths or lights for the season. At the beginning of each song, you will find the unique pattern or fill that has been used in the carol to create the new arrangement. Take your time and decorate a little at a time. The only mistake you can make is being afraid of making one! Now enjoy using new ways to play ageless carols as you create special new sounds to celebrate Christmas.

Songs include: Angels We Have Heard on High • Away in a Manger • Good Christian Men, Rejoice • Hark! The Herald Angels Sing • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear • Joy to the World • O Come, All Ye Faithful • Pat-a-Pan • Silent Night • The First Noel • We Wish You a Merry Christmas. $9.00


18 Intermediate to Late-Intermediate piano pieces by these 8 composers:  Amy Beach, Theresa Carreno, Cecile Chaminade, Louise Dumont Farrenc, Fanny Mendelsohn-Hensel, Margaret Ruthven Lang, Clara Gottschalk-Peterson and Clara Schuman.  The new book is compiled and edited by Gail Smith and published Hal Leonard. 

THE ART OF COMPOSING   $20.00              

In the twelve chapters of this book you will find creative ideas for pianists who want to compose.  It contains information with examples of a vast variety of forms of composition from composing palindromes to setting poems to music.  It is a treasure chest of concrete ideas and insight into the creative process of great composers.  You will be shown proven ways to start composing instantly.

THE MUSICAL GARDEN   $10.00             

This book has eleven original piano solos for late elementary to intermediate level pianists.   There are short poems before each solo that can turn the whole book into a special piano recital as a Narrative Suite.  Each piece stands on its’ own but when you read the poems, the delightful musical story will come alive.  The names of the pieces are: Garden Prelude; The Proclamation; Dreaming; The Garden Waltz; It’s Raining Notes; The Ladybug Boogie; Lullaby of the Birds; The Dancing daffodils; The Tulip Tango; Rose Petals and Concert in the Garden.   Your students will love each of the pieces


“STATS” is a Palindrome in title and in composition.  A palindrome can be played backwards and forwards and sound the same.  By reading a song backwards pianists become better sight readers.  The brain cells are stimulated and it is a good exercise for the eyes.  This sheet music also has the worlds’ only piano solo that can be played upside down and sound the same.  It is a reversible – inverted palindrome called WOW MOM.


A most beautiful instrumental, piano composition which all will enjoy.  Truly written from the heart.  Moderately Difficult Level. Appropriate for recitals.

Amazing Grace

In the setting of
Bach, Beethoven and Brahms
arranged by Gail Smith

"Amazing Grace" is a Christian
Hymn with words written by the English poet and clergyman John Newton (1725–1807), published in 1779. With the message that forgiveness and redemption are possible regardless of sins committed and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God, "Amazing Grace" is one of the most recognizable songs in the English-speaking world.


Ecclesiastes Rainbow of Sounds Sacred Keyboard Series Volume X
Piano Solos composed by Gail Smith
Rainbow of Sounds
10 easy piano solos by Gail smith
Sacred Keyboard Series Volume X - Celebrating Mendelssohn
Five Imrovisations for Piano Solo Piano Classics Made Easy
Five Improvisations for Piano Solo by Gail Smith
In The Beginning
by Gail Smith
Piano Classics Made Easy by Gail Smith
Piano Solos by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Mozart, Pachelbel, Strauss, Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi
Patriotic Songs for Piano Made Easy - This book contains 10 familiar Patriotic songs for beginners.

Patriotic Piano Solos - This book has 21 familiar Patriotic songs some interesting facts. Some of the solos are: The Star and Stripes Forever, My country "Tis of Thee (variations by Beethoven, The Star Spangled Banner and many more exciting solos making up an entire program.


Piano Solos by Gail Smith

This composition was inspired by a painting, “Storm at the Beach” by the famous porcelain artist, MaryBelle Cordell. This piano solo is moderately difficult.  It begins with the sound of rain falling and then intensifies into a raging storm.  The second section has a tranquil sound of calm after the storm followed by the whole tone scale which musically describes the rainbow.  A lyrical melody developes  leading into a key change with a strong progression of  chords which seem to say, “the storm is over”. Then the piece crescendos to a climax as the sun comes out to shine.

18 Variations on "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" by Charles arr.
by Gail Smith
This hymn originally had 18 stanzas and was arranged to celebrate the 300th birthday of Wesley.

Free Download
Variation 1

This composition has a triplet rhythm in the left hand with and a gentle melody in the right hand that will put you in a relaxed mood.  Think of the Island of Belize with the scenic waterfalls and beautiful surroundings.  This piece is easy on the mind and fingers.  This is an intermediate level recital piece or simply for your own enjoyment.

Published by Gail Smith
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7 Unusual Piano Solos Free with any purchase
Included in this special collection is Mozart's famous piece that can be played upside
down, a Palindrome Canon that can be played backwards as well as forwards and sounds the same, Bach's interchangeable Minuets between the right and left hand parts and several other unusual pieces.
Mozart's Music combined with Four Hymns
To celebrate Mozart's 250th birthday the following hymns have been arranged: Sun of My Soul with Mozart's Sonata in F. Just as I Am with Mozart's Sonata in A. Savior like a Shepherd with Musique de Nuit
A Mighty Fortress is Our God arr. By Gail Smith
Combined with Thalberg's Les Huguenots Op.20 (difficult)
Reflections and Wartburg Castle by Gail Smith
Two lovely piano solos
(Intermediate level)
The Life and Music of Fanny Mendelssohn $20
A treasure of Fanny's music to celebrate her 200th birthday.
3 Christmas Classics for Piano Solo $10
Angels We Have Heard on High combined with Mozart's Sonata in C. Silent Night combined with Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring We Wish You a Merry Christmas with Paderewski's Minuet
AdLib $15
A supplemental workbook with examples of Left Hand patterns to use with Praise songs of various tempos and other improvisational techniques.
Patterns $15
A new approach teaching composing and improvisation using five- note. Patterns of the blues scale, pentatonic scale and 5 note mutations comprising 120 patterns
to use for creating a melody or inspire improvisation.
Includes Amy Beach's "Ten Commandments" for Composers
and Five Steps to Composing and much more.

Three Organ & Piano Duets

(both scores included)
Sing the Scripture $5
A songbook with 25 scripture passages in song composed by Gail Smith

Appropriate for Sunday School, Missionary Conferences, Praise & Worship, Prayer or Women's Meetings.


In The Beginning by Gail Smith 36pgs. $10
This is a totally new piano book for beginning piano students that can also be used as a supplementary book with any piano method. The biblically inspired pieces start with creation and proceed thru Genesis. The variety of easy pieces are fun to play but sound more difficult. The Garden of Eden Waltz, The Rainbow, Jubal, The Tower of Babel, and the Ten Commandments are just a few of the titles.
It's Jesus' Birthday (SATB, 20 min) by Gail Smith $6
A variety of styles make this the perfect Christmas Cantata that everyone will enjoy,
Familiar carols in new settings with several new songs. A special song for a children's choir or solo voice is combined with the adult choir in one selection. Banners may be
made to use with the acrostic "CHRISTMAS" song; C is for the Christ child, H is for the herald angels, etc. This is a great new cantata for the smaller church choir.
Proverbs by Gail Smith $6
An all occasion, mini cantata, SATB (20 min.)
The first ten chapters of Proverbs woven into five choral anthems linked together with narration. Mixed styles

Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc
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Praise Piano Made Easy
There are over a dozen of the best Praise Songs arranged with a special left hand pattern to keep the beat going and sound good. This collection may be used for piano solos or for accompaniment to singing these praise songs. (Intermediate level)


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Complete Book of Improvisations
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Complete Book of Modulations
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Complete Book of Exercises
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Classical Piano Solos for Worship Settings $ 10
Country Gospel Piano Solos
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Complete Church Pianist.
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Sunday Morning Pianist
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Gospel Piano Made Easy
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You Can Teach Yourself Gospel
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12 Spirituals for Piano
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Palindromes for Piano
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Four Centuries of Women Composer
A Classic Christmas
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English Carols for Piano Solo
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Christmas Carols from Around the World.
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Hymns Made Easy Book 1.
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Christmas Carols
for Piano
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Published by Lillenas
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The Wedding Pianist
$ 14
Magnificent: (Classic & Hymns)
$ 14

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