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Music Matters
Be informed on the right music to listen to while dining, studying, etc. Listening to the right music at the right music at the right time is very important to your well being. Learn how music calms, heals and help digestion. Click here to read the article

1000 Years of Women Composers
The most remarkable women composers in history will come alive as you learn the interesting stories of their lives and hear their music. Hildegard, Clara Schumann, Amy Beach and many other great women.

Secrets of Improvisation
Step by step learn to improvise using scales, whole tone scales, patterns, fills and chord progressions. This is the most comprehensive, informative workshop that actually teaches you how to improve.

Tips on creating a melody will be given with theory to guide in the process. Examples of unusual composing techniques such as Palindromes, 12 tone rows, canons and much will be discussed.

The Music of Ireland
Hearing the rich and diverse music of the Land of Shamrocks, Shillelaghs and Leprechauns is an enjoyable listening experience. Edward Bunting was the preserver of the music of Ireland. He organized the Harp Festival of 1792 held in Belfast which was attended by ten harpists who played the ancient tunes. Gail Smith owns this rare book published by Edward Bunting containing the original music of Ireland which you will hear in this program. Every incident of human life from the cradle to the grave is reflected in their music. Many interesting Irish items such as: Irish coins and stamps, a Double Irish Chain quilt and the Flag of Ireland will be displayed. Some of the piano solos heard in this recital are: Londonderry Air, O'Carolan's Concerto, The Wearing of the Green, The Last Rose of Summer, The Irish Washerwoman, Patrick's Day, Cockles and Mussels, The Kilkenny Tune, The Grey Old Stone and of course, When Irish Eyes are Smiling.

Native American Music and Culture
This program finds Gail Smith in an authentic Indian feather headdress from the Winnebago Tribe. The flute song composed by this tribe is perhaps the most beautiful of any tribal song. Numerous cities including half of our states have Indian related names. .There are over 550 Indian tribes in America and much of their music has been preserved In this program you will hear an interesting collection of music such as: The Pueblo Procession; Song to the Birds by the Acoma Tribe; The Turkey Dance of the Ute Indians; the famous Apache warrior Geronimo had his own song called, "Geronimo's Song". A common punishment for infidelity in the Apache tribe was to cut off the tip of the person's nose. The most famous Cherokee Indian was Sequoyah. He formed an alphabet system for the Cherokee language. The Bible was published in their language in 1824. Each Indian tribe had their own music which was associated with a tribal custom. The lovely Sunset Song of the Zuni tribe was sung from the highest cliff. They stand, then kneel, then lie down. The Tule tribe had a special song for the treatment of a headache. You will hear all these songs and much more

The Life and Music of Amy Beach
Amy composed a song when only four years old. She heard music in colors. Amy Beach composed a vast amount of piano music including the Gaelic Symphony, a piano concerto and many choral works. She is considered the first woman composer of

The Life and Music of Edward MacDowell
You will enjoy hearing the stories behind MacDowell's piano solos, and even discover
which song his wife found in the waste basket and saved. Gail has spent time at the MacDowell Colony and has been in the Log cabin where Edward composed music each day out in the woods.

The History of Sacred Music
From the song of Moses to the Music of Lowell Mason, this informative lecture/recital gives a sampling of the most important periods of sacred musical history


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