Gail Smith

Improvisation Workshop

The ultimate Improvisation workshop to update your skills whether you play Praise Songs or Traditional hymns. Learn new left-hand patterns and right hand fills in a unique step-by-step approach at Gail Smith's Improvisation Workshop for Church Pianists and Piano Teachers.
Every pianist regardless of their level or length of study will benefit from this one of a kind workshop that takes the mystery out of improvising. The most comprehensive workshop you will ever attend.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Contemporary Left Hand patterns for Praise and Worship Settings
  • Modulations and Pseudo Modulations
  • Alternate Endings
  • Chord "Turn -around"
  • Chord Progressions
  • Learn to "Chime"
  • "Prepared Piano" demonstration
  • Hand and Finger exercises
  • Theory review of chords, symbols and musical terms
  • The most beautiful right hand fill
  • Fills for two beats and four beats
  • 100 Left hand patterns
  • 100 Right hand riffs and fills
  • Arranging techniques
  • Examples of how to play everything including: Christmas Carols, Hymns, Wedding Music, Patriotic Music, Popular music and Happy Birthday.

Workshop fee ($100) includes "The Complete Book of Improvisation, Chord Progressions and Fills (227 pgs.), Ad-Lib Supplemental Workbook and "Patterns", the newest book with the concept to teach both improvisation and composing with five notes.

They are: using 120 combinations of 5 notes; using the Pentatonic scale and black note mutations; third, using the 5 note blues scales and inversions.
Pre-registration is required for the special rate of $88 postmarked ten days before each workshop to insure your materials and seating.
You are welcome to register the day of the workshop for $100 and your books will be sent later if supplies run out that day.


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